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5/8 Adjustable Seam Guide Foot

Baby Lock 5/8 Inch Seam Guide Foot - Most commonly for 5/8" (16mm) garment seaming; however, this foot comes prepared to help for all your seaming needs. This foot is great for all projects that require the utmost accuracy, such as: garment seam allowances, topstitching or piecing while quilting. The built-in ruler and guide are helpful for keeping your measurements precise at all times. Seam Allowances and Recommendations: ? 3/8" (10mm) ? Some Children?s Clothing and Doll Clothing ? 1/2"(12.7mm) ? Home D?cor and Craft Projects ? 5/8" (16mm) ? Garment Sewing ? 1" (25mm) ? Garment tailoring and Hems.